If you’re lucky enough to be a resident at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, you can treat your friends to a free tea or coffee in their lounge on the 123rd floor. Having friends in High Places (literally) meant I got my first taste of what it’s like at the top! The lounge is decorated in muted Armani colours and comprised a spacious sitting area staffed by a couple of people who help with the hot and cold (complimentary) beverages.

There is a separate library nook with a set of bookshelves, a telescope for keeping up with progress on “The World” development and comfy, S shaped sofas to lounge around on.


On the morning we visited for coffee (from a machine, but good none the less) there was a group of Spanish ladies having a coffee morning and a young business like couple meeting over an Apple Mac Book. We just tried to blend in, but I think our cameras may have given us away !

From parking the car in the basement (we saw His and Her Rolls Royces, a Bugati and other equally impressive vehicles) to reaching the lounge meant accessing numerous doors via a special residents only swipe card, I cannot imagine more security getting into Fort Knox!

 On the ground floor there is a fascinating display of cymbals arranged at various heights that have water dripping onto them and then falling into a pool making a gorgeous tinkling, cymbal, percussion type sound that keeps changing rhythm and pitch.

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Just waiting for one of our book club members to get a flat there

 so we know where to host our next meeting !


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