Yamanote Japanese Bakery is a smart addition to the group of eateries in the Al Wasl square area of Dubai. The inside boasts cool, sophisticated interiors with elegant fresh orchids positioned with Japanese precision against the light back wall. A perfect atmosphere to browse your web or finish that book. Sustenance is provided in the combination of predictable sweet pastries such as cinnamon buns and the more unusual square shaped doughnuts and Totoro character rolls that my Taiwanese friend was so familiar with.  I liked the simple sounding salty bread, that is best compared to a ciabatta roll in terms of look and texture but is so much lighter, fluffier and feels less dense and carby than your usual rolls. For the authentic oriental tastes my Taiwanese friend chose sweet bean paste buns, but I wasn’t tempted by the deep fried turkey sausage offerings in white finger rolls, an acquired taste perhaps? Go and have a cup of tea and a small taste of Japanese style patisserie but fill up on atmosphere.

PM Yamanote text

Would love to know what you would choose at Yamanote and has this post made you want to try it or give it a miss! Thanks Monica. Do share the love of all things Japanese in Dubai with your friends on facebook and in case you missed it, here is the review of the great sushi bar next door Chez Sushi and more conventional sushi here. A few shops down will bring you a Smiling Mona Lisa Thai style, read about that here.


  1. I absolutely loved it! It was quaint, clean, and the pastries were so delightful. I had a hard time choosing and ended up with a Yakisoba Bun and Red Bean Donut, and along with a Matcha Latte.

    • Oh good, I have to say I prefer my Japanese more sushi style than can be found at Yamanote but the cafe has a lovely atmosphere and great for a coffee.

      Thanks again for the comments,


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