Greenies Pill Pockets brilliant for distressed dog owners in Dubai.

It seems there are a growing number of dogs on lifelong medication! Ailments connected to heart conditions, renal disease and thyroid issues are just some of the medical complications faced by Dubai’s dogs;  according to some well established and respected veterinary practices here. This obviously requires, in some cases, difficult to administer tablets or capsules on a regular basis to ensure the dogs stay well. Advice on how to fool your dog into eating a tablet centers around disguising it in a choice morsel of food such as a lump of cheese or wrapped around a slice of meat or even worse (for the dogs) hiding the tablet in a large pat of cold butter!

There appear to be a few problems associated with this approach. Dubai dogs are smart and stories of how they can successfully negotiate their way around the food and spit out the offending tablet abound. Many Dubai dogs are also on Obesity Management diets (probably due to a lack of exercise in the hot weather months) which may prohibit the daily use of tempting morsels. One dog owner told me her dog would only take his medication with soft cheese and this proved a problem more than once or twice when the rest of the family had a habit of finishing the cheese off;  leaving her stuck for her dogs favourite persuasive  ‘treat’.

Fortunately, I have discovered the answer in  The Pill Pockets  which I have learnt work a treat! This information came to me via a dog loving neighbour of mine in the Arabian Ranches. She  has successfully now ordered her 2nd batch of   Greenies Pill Pockets, Chicken, 3.2 oz, for Tablets  via Amazon in the UK as they do not appear to be available here.

A small pocket means you can sneakily insert your medication inside and seal up the morsel easily administering your dog’s essential medication. At only 11 calories a morsel, made from ingredients like chicken or beef they contain less sodium and fat but more antioxidants like Vitamin C and E.

It’s barking mad not to have them on hand.

They are sold in 90g re-sealable packets containing approximately 30 pill pockets, which means you can keep them for a while and even use them as a healthy treat.

Pill Pockets are  easy on the wallet, the dogs and you, which makes them the perfect, practical present for your pooch this Christmas.

Let me know if you think this is a good product in the comment box below and do like and share the post on facebook and with dog lovers everywhere.

Don’t be caught out without something to assist you in medication administration again – Order your supply HERE

Thanks Monica and Leyla. (currently on Obesity Management food but no lifelong medication-that’s Leyla not me!)

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