The articles in DoinDubai are written by me and are based on real and recent experiences. You will learn about How to Do Things or Where to Find things. Click on the pictures below to find out about How to Do Up A House in Dubai, Where to get Gold Dipped or learn about Why Schools here are Switching to IGCSEs from GCSEs. Get an idea of what the site is about and how it will help you manage your life in Dubai more easily.


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I write short, readable articles that are easy to understand, packed with useful information about something I have personally experienced. They include helpful extras such as phone numbers, maps, real pictures, websites and contact names to support my articles.

The comments section is an easy way for you to directly ask me about anything in more detail, if I can’t answer I can usually draw upon a source of contacts who can help.

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Dubai always felt like a “holiday place” in certain areas, perhaps having brunch at a hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, or walking by spectators at the aquarium in Dubai Mall, but at it’s newest leisure area, known as North Beach (I think) there is absolutely no doubt you are in HOLIDAY CITY. Read more

Beach at JBR

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